How to Build a Swing Set

An image showing a woman holding a child's hand while swinging from a swing set.

Swing sets have been a childhood staple for generations. Whether you would like to build a swing set as part of a larger playground project or you are simply adding swings in your backyard, you’ll need the right equipment. Learn how to build a swing set below, and shop American Swing for everything you’ll need to complete the job!

Start with a Frame

How to Build a Swing Set

The best place to start your shopping is by picking out the right swing frame for your needs. Here at American Swing, we have a variety of models available. For a small swing set, you can choose a single-bay, two-swing model. At the other end of the spectrum, you could opt for a three-bay, six-swing model to accommodate several kids at the same time. By thinking about the space you have available and the number of kids you need to serve, it should be pretty simple to select the right frame.

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Pick Out Some Seats

How to Build a Swing Set

A swing set isn’t going to be much fun without comfortable, secure seats. This might seem like an easy component to pick out when shopping, but there are actually quite a few options to consider.

We have basic strap seats that are popular at many playgrounds across the country, but that is only one option. There are also tot buckets for small children, roto-molded flat swing seats, tot half-bucket seats, ADA-compliant seats, and more. You may wish to use the same type of seat across your entire set, or you may opt to mix and match your seats to serve as many kids as possible. No matter which choice you make, you can trust the quality of our products to serve you well for years to come.

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Various Other Components

How to Build a Swing Set

With the right frame and a few seats, you’ll be well on your way to a great swing set. That’s not all you will need, however, as there are a few other pieces of the puzzle that need to come together before the job is done. Those necessary components include the following:

  • Frame fittings. These essential parts bring your frame together and help it perform properly day after day.
  • Fasteners. There aren’t many moving parts on a swing set, but the parts that do need to be secured will be held in place by fasteners. Considering the vital role that these components play in the function of the swing set, you want to buy quality parts that won’t let you down.
  • Swing hangers. The chains you use to suspend each swing will be held by swing hangers that are attached to the frame.
  • Chains & cutters. Finally, we get to the chains themselves. We have standard chains available, as well as Plastisol-coated models which may be more comfortable for little hands.

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As you can see, there are a few different components required to build a swing set that will survive the test of time. Now that you know how to build a swing set, are you ready to get started on this exciting project? Order all your parts from American Swing today!

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