About Us

Leading Commercial Playground Equipment Supplier

Our products and dedication to service set us apart from other commercial playground suppliers. All of our playground equipment and products are tested by Third Party International Testing Parties. We use high quality materials like stainless steel and carbon steel in all of our commercial playground equipment and swing seats while others use only spring steel. If someone attempts to vandalize a spring steel seat its steel is exposed to the elements and will eventually rust and break, possibly causing an injury to a child who plays on this playground equipment. Our stainless steel swing parts do not have this problem, making them more durable and eliminating a possible injury to a child.

Company History

Over twenty years ago, our company was founded to sell high quality swing seats and playground equipment that are safe for children. Our small business has expanded into a fully functioning commercial playground supplier that services schools, daycare facilities, and public parks, as well as supplying high quality residential products and parts to the individual homeowner. We are so proud of what we do. American Swing, providing high quality, safe playground equipment at low prices.