Swing Hangers & Brackets

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When installing a swing set, safety is naturally going to be the first thing on your mind. While a quality swing set is a great place for children to play, there could be safety hazards if the installation is not completed correctly, or if substandard parts are used. As far as parts are concerned, ordering from American Swing can address that issue. Our swing hangers and swing brackets are manufactured to a high standard, meaning you can feel confident that you are offering a safe play area to local children.

Picking the Right Parts

A swing hanger is a relatively simple part, but you do need to ensure that you are ordering the right size for your project. If the swing bracket or hanger is not a perfect fit, it won’t be able to do its job effectively. Not only would this compromise the safety of the swing set, but it would also degrade the quality of the swinging experience. Take careful measurements and order the parts that are going to fit just right. The good news is, you’ll likely find any measurement you need right here on our convenient online store.

Order Today!

Whether you only need a couple of swing hangers or a long list of swing parts and accessories, American Swing is the best place to shop. It’s the combination of quality products and great pricing that sets us apart from the competition. Feel free to browse our site to find everything you need, and please contact us with any questions. We look forward to your order!