How to Raise Money for a School Playground

Building a new playground isn’t free. In fact, you’ll need a healthy budget to create a fun, safe space for the kids. If you’re planning a playground project for a school in your area, raising money will be necessary. Here, we’ll discuss how to raise money for a school playground. People are often happy to donate when they know their money is going to a cause that will help kids have fun!

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Sell a Piece of the Playground

This popular fundraising option is simple! It requires you to sell spots on the playground to individuals and businesses who would like to display a name on the grounds permanently.

As an example, if you’re going to build a fence around the playground, you can sell spots on that fence where names can be displayed. Then, anyone who donates a specified amount of money will have a spot on the fence, and that name will be there as long as the playground stands.

If you use this method, remember that displaying the names will have an associated cost, so build that into your plans. In addition to putting names on a fence, selling bricks is another common tactic, so you’ll need to pick the right approach based on your design.

Hold an Auction

Holding an auction to raise funds is a method used by many different organizations. To get started, you’ll need to collect items that can be auctioned off. Your best bet here is to visit local businesses to ask for donations. For example, a local restaurant might offer a voucher for a dinner for four, or a golf course might provide a winner with free rounds. Businesses often view these kinds of auctions as a good community outreach and advertising opportunity, so getting donations should be pretty simple.

Other Possibilities

You can go about raising money for a playground in many different ways. The two ideas above are a nice starting point, but consider the possibilities listed below, as well.

  • Grants. You may be able to apply to existing grant programs that are tailored specifically to these kinds of community, kid-friendly projects.
  • Community events. Consider holding your own community event with food and games to raise money for the playground. Or, see if you can participate in an existing event as a way to raise both funds and awareness.
  • Crowdfunding. Going online with your fundraising effort is another option. Crowdfunding sites make it easy to raise money for a project, but you’ll still need to promote the effort to help it gain traction.

Let Your Creativity Run

At any given time, there are sure to be countless fundraising projects going on in your community. To stand out, you don’t want to play it safe. Instead, be creative with this project and come up with unique ideas that will grab attention and allow you to raise the funds necessary to bring the playground to life.

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We hope these tips on how to raise money for a school playground assist you! When it’s time to order equipment, consider American Swing to receive a great price on durable gear. We look forward to serving you!

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