Swing Chains & Cutters

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What good is a swing without a chain? Without the ability to swing back and forth, a swing seat certainly wouldn’t be very exciting. Fortunately, you can order quality swing chains from American Swing to make sure your playground offers the fun swinging experience that every kid looks forward to enjoying. As this is the piece that holds the swing seat up and keeps the kids from falling, it’s crucial that you purchase a quality chain from a reputable company like American Swing.

Variety For Your Convenience

When it comes to replacement chains for swings, we have a number of different sizes in stock, including 5/16’’ and 3/16’’. There are different chain lengths to pick from as well, such as 8.5’ and 5.5’, and you can select either traditional chain or Plastisol coated chain for a brighter look and a more comfortable grip. Assess the needs of your swing set, and then pick out the perfect swing chain to complete your setup.

Other Supplies

If you need a pair of chain cutters (S-hook pliers) to work on your swing set, we have you covered there as well. Of course, if you have done any other shopping at American Swing, you already know that we are committed to providing our customers with the best in quality and service. Whether you just need some swing parts or need equipment to build a whole new playground, we are happy to serve you.

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