5 Ways to Improve Your School Playground

In many ways, the playground is the heart of a school. This is where most children look forward to spending their time each day, and it’s where you’ll hear endless laughter and chatter. Explore these five ways to improve your school playground for maximum enjoyment!

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Emphasize Variety

The best playgrounds are those that offer a variety of play experiences to the kids. It’s important to remember that not all kids like to do the same things. Sure, some love the swings and slides, but others love more creative endeavors. By offering as many different types of play as possible, you can engage most of the students in one way or another.

If it’s time to add a new element to your playground space, or if it’s time to replace an old piece of equipment, think about how you can use that opportunity to create more variety.

Gradually Upgrade Old Equipment

Speaking of old equipment, even the best playground gear has a finite lifespan. You’ll eventually need to replace the equipment on your playground, but doing it all at once can come with a cost that will be hard to fit into the budget. Instead, try replacing one or two pieces at a time, gradually renovating the playground until it has been completely updated.

Utilize Empty Space

Empty space on a playground is not a bad thing. In fact, you want to be sure to include some empty space in your play area so kids can simply run around and be kids. To help kickstart some play in these open areas, you might want to add some markings on the ground. If you have a patch of concrete, for example, you could add lines for games like four square, tic-tac-toe, and more.

A Color Makeover

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to improve your playground. One of the best ways to make this space feel updated and new is to add fresh paint. Go with an entirely new color scheme and consider using those colors to break up the play area into different sections or zones. This is a project that should be quick to complete yet it will have a big impact on how the kids view the playground.

Bring in the Environment

Kids love nature. A great way to improve their enjoyment of the play space is to look for more ways to bring nature closer. This might be something as simple as planting flowers or even using wood chips for surfacing instead of an artificial material. Incorporating natural elements is a subtle way to upgrade the experience that your playground provides.

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