Tire Swing Kit & Swivels

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A tire swing is a nice inclusion in the design of a playground. Almost all playgrounds opt for a standard swing set, and that’s great—but adding a tire swing will offer kids another way to enjoy their time outside. Of course, in order to offer this kind of swing, you need to have the right equipment on hand. You also want to know that you can trust that equipment to perform over the long run. Tire swivels and tire swing kit products from American Swing will always live up to your expectations. Order with confidence today.

Get the Right Gear

To build a tire swing, you aren’t going to be able to simply attach a tire to the end of the chains on a traditional swing set. This is an entirely different setup, and it is going to require different equipment as a result. You’ll need a tire swivel, along with a tire, and some other components. By shopping at American Swing, you can be sure your tire swing kit will be made to a high standard, and it will be ready to do its job day after day, for years.

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