Swing Fasteners

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Swing fasteners are essential when putting together a swing set that is going to serve fun-loving children for years to come. Functionally, the swinging action you are looking for simply isn’t going to take place without the right fasteners and hangers on hand. You want to make sure these components are manufactured to a high standard, as they are crucial to the overall function and safety of the swing. By using swing fastener products provided by American Swing, you can have confidence that your swing set is going to stand the test of time.

A Great Selection

To make sure that we are able to serve your needs, we carry a selection of swing fasteners for you to pick from. Consider the specific needs of the swing set you are building or repairing, and pick out the parts that will get the job done. You’ll find that all of our parts are manufactured to a high standard, and we hope you’ll be impressed with our affordable prices, too.

Everything Else You Need

The playground equipment and parts available at American Swing run far beyond the swing fasteners you’ll find in this category. We also have swing seats, chains, slides, spring animals, and a variety of other pieces of playground equipment. When you add it all up—selection, quality, and value—it’s hard to imagine why you would shop anywhere else.

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