Spring Animals & Riders

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When designing or building a playground, one of your main goals is likely to entertain and serve a wide range of ages. Sure, you are going to have some slides and swings, but what about the kids who may not yet be ready for the experience that those features offer? Spring animals and riders are great for children who are looking for a relatively tame, yet fun, experience. At American Swing, we offer a number of high-quality playground equipment spring animals, all at competitive prices.

A Natural Attraction

It’s no secret that kids love animals, which is one reason this equipment is so popular on a playground. Some of the options you’ll find here on our site include skunks, caterpillars, and sharks. There are also riders to consider, such as cars, airplanes, and motorcycles. While it might be the look that attracts a child to a spring animal initially, it is the fun experience of sitting and riding that will keep them coming back. A small child will love hanging on tight as it rocks back and forth unpredictably.

Only The Best

American Swing is dedicated to providing our customers with excellent playground equipment at affordable prices. We take great pride in the parts and accessories we make available. You can be sure that everything you order will meet or exceed your expectations. Take a moment to explore our various product categories to find everything you need for your playground project. Thank you for visiting American Swing. We hope to receive your order today!