The seat is a critical part of any swing set. Not only should a swing seat be comfortable for the user, but it should also hold up nicely as the years go by. At American Swing, we offer both plastic and rubber swing seat options—but which one is right for your needs? Let’s take a […]

Playground equipment lives outside. As a result, it is inevitably going to get dirty as the months and years roll by. To make the playground as inviting as possible and help the equipment hold up over the long run, you’ll want to clean the play area from time to time. Fortunately, cleaning your playground doesn’t […]

As you get ready to add a swing set to your yard, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself. You probably have visions of your kids having a great time playing on the swings, and you’re excited to make that vision a reality. But before you put the set in place, you need to do […]

When you design a playground, you naturally want to create a space that’s both fun and safe for the kids. Everyone should be able to come and play without worrying about any unwelcome accidents. Fortunately, with a little bit of careful planning at the start of your project, you can come away with a finished […]

Few playground attractions draw the attention of a child quite like a swing set. The simplicity of this playground feature is a big part of its appeal—just hop on and swing back and forth, over and over again. But swing sets are only fun if they are safe. That said, every swing set needs to […]