From the perspective of a child, it’s hard to beat the fun associated with a playground slide. Climbing up to the top of the play structure can feel like an adventure, and sliding quickly down to the bottom is a thrill time after time. If you’d like to see your child’s face light up while […]

Installing a quality swing set on your playground is a great addition, as kids of all ages are sure to flock to it as one of their first stops when they arrive. Of course, simply installing the swing set is not the end of the job—you’ll need to perform regular maintenance to make sure this […]

For a toddler, a playground is an incredible wonderland. The equipment seems so big, the space seems limitless, and fun is guaranteed. To make sure toddlers can fully enjoy the experience, it’s important to include equipment that is designed for their needs. Let’s take a look at some of the best commercial toddler playground equipment […]

Picking the right playground equipment supplier is one of the most important choices you’ll need to make when trying to create a new playground. There are other steps involved, of course, such as picking a site and selecting the right base material, but choosing your supplier is a huge step. With a good supplier on […]

When kids visit a new playground for the first time, it’s like they are exploring a new world. There are plenty of toys to try, and they can keep themselves entertained for hours. After a few visits, however, parents or playground facilitators might need to inject some creativity to keep the experience fresh. Fun playground […]

If you have kids or spend any time around kids on a consistent basis, you know one thing to be true: they love to play outside. Even in a world that has become increasingly digital and focused on indoors, kids still love to spend as much time outside as possible. As adults, we need to […]

If you’re working on a playground project, you’ve probably been looking around at other playgrounds for inspiration. In doing so, you may have noticed that many playgrounds tend to feature the same pieces of equipment as others in the area. Want to do something a little different? American Swing has a variety of unique commercial […]

When you head to the park with your kids, there’s a good chance they’ll bolt for the swing set as soon as you arrive. Swing sets offer so much fun, as children get to soar back and forth through the air. However, while the swing set is a playground classic, some kids might find that […]

Playgrounds are magical places for little kids. When provided with the right playground equipment, infants and toddlers can let their imaginations run free in a fun yet controlled environment. So, when building or renovating a playground, you’ll want to use quality products from a trusted supplier. Explore some of the best American Swing infant and […]

At most schools, the outdoor play area is marked by a few common pieces of equipment–and the swing set is a classic. Millions of children have grown up swinging on the set at their school, and that tradition continues today. If you need to purchase quality school swing set equipment to have installed on your […]