When you take on a playground construction or renovation project, you will have plenty of equipment options to consider. In fact, the sheer volume of options can be quite overwhelming at first. To make sure you are prepared to make the right decisions for your playground, it may help to educate yourself on some of […]

A playground is not the kind of thing you work on once and then forget about. Safety is the name of the game on a playground, and regular inspections are necessary to make sure the playground is remaining safe for kids to enjoy day after day. By having proper inspections performed, you will hopefully be […]

The surface you decide to use for your playground may be the most important design decision of all. Sure, you want to pick out great playground equipment, and you want to design the space in a way that allows children to play freely, but everything starts with the surface. Get this choice right and you’ll […]

Safety, safety, safety. When planning, designing, building, and operating a playground, safety is going to be the top priority. Obviously, no one wants to see a child get injured while playing, or at any other time. While it might not be possible to prevent every single possible injury, the way you build and manage your […]

When you visit a playground with your kids, it’s easy to take for granted all the hard work and planning that went into its construction. If you stop to look around at all the little details that had to come together, you’ll quickly realize the significant challenge that comes along with this project. In this […]

It’s an exciting time when you decide to build a playground. But coming up with the funds necessary is a hurdle that some organizations are never able to clear. To help you, we’d like to touch on a few methods on how to get grants for playground equipment. Playgrounds Are Good For The Community Many […]

Building a playground is an exciting project. But before getting started, you need to think carefully about the budget you have available and how it impacts what you can accomplish. You don’t want to get partway through your project only to find there isn’t enough money available to finish the job. Do some careful math […]

There are few pieces of playground equipment that get kids as excited as a swing set. Swings are fun for kids of all different ages, but you need to make sure to handle the installation properly, so everyone can enjoy them safely. That means buying a quality swing set and installing it appropriately—but it also […]

Kids love to swing. The swing set is usually one of the most popular pieces of equipment on any playground, with children giggling as they soar back and forth through the air. If you are building a playground—whether in a public space or for your own private use—you’ll almost certainly want to include a quality […]

Climbing equipment includes some of the most popular pieces on any playground. Kids love to test their limits, and for many kids, that means climbing on just about anything they can find! Properly designed playground equipment can allow kids to climb and have fun while remaining in a safe environment which has been designed for […]