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Every daycare teacher knows: when snack time is over, it’s time to play! Allow the kids to have fun, explore, and make the most out of recess each day with some of our most popular daycare playground equipment from American Swing.

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Swing Products

No playground is complete without a swing! Whether you’re caring for infants, toddlers, or preschoolers, these options are perfect for all your little ones:

Heavy 10’ High Frame – 2 Swing – 1 Bay

Our heavy-duty steel frame is the perfect place to start. Our frames are designed for children up to 12 years old, and you can even customize your frame! Choose your colors for the end frame fittings, swing chain, and seats.

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Rubber Strap Seat

Unlike seats made of polymer, American Swing Rubber Strap Seats hold up much longer with a design built to withstand extreme temperatures. Our rubber strap seats are made of EPDM rubber that is specially made for swing seats—that means you never need to worry about color rubbing off on children’s clothes!

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Infant High-Back Bucket Seat

Our Infant High-Back Bucket Seats are for children ages six to 23 months-old. These seats are fully enclosed and offer a high back to provide extra support. There are so many fun colors to choose from, so you can pick the colors your babies love most.

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Plastisol Coated Triangle

Plastisol Coated Triangles are the perfect way to brighten up your swing set! This fun add-on provides cool, non-slip hand grips. Your kids will enjoy testing out how long they can hang! Our rings are for children ages four to 12 years-old.

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If you’re a daycare teacher or director, then you already know there’s always a line at the slide! Here are a few slide products that your kids are sure to love:

8’ Wave Slide

Kiddos will make waves of fun on our new 8’ Wave Slide! This slide is perfect for children ages four to 12-years old. As always, our wave slide is durable and built to last. Make your selection of blue or green!

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Scoop Slide

Our Scoop Slide is a classic favorite. Its unique design allows you to lengthen your slide with the option of additional inserts. Toddlers can enjoy this ride, too, as it accommodates children as young as two-years-old!

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Spring Riders

When the tikes go rocking, the fun is never stopping! Keep your little ones’ imaginations soaring with a couple of our spring riders:

Roto-Molded Spring Ride Airplane

Let your kiddos take flight in the Roto-Molded Spring Ride Airplane! The seats are adjustable so you can accommodate children of many ages. Our airplane riders come in a variety of colors, including blue, red, green, and yellow.

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Spring Animal Caterpillar

Take a ride on the Spring Animal Caterpillar! This adorable rock-n-ride is designed for children two to 12 years-old. Every unit in our caterpillar ride incorporates an exclusive, enclosed rubber spring which helps prevent pinching while providing a smooth, controlled ride.

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Discover More from American Swing

We hope you enjoyed exploring some of our most popular daycare playground equipment! Whether you’re building a tire swing or adding rock grips for your little ones, find it all at American Swing. We are proud to offer a full range of playground equipment that is affordable and built to last. Shop today, and discover the possibilities!

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