School Swing Set Equipment from American Swing

An image that shows a swing set with a child playing on it in a school.

At most schools, the outdoor play area is marked by a few common pieces of equipment–and the swing set is a classic. Millions of children have grown up swinging on the set at their school, and that tradition continues today. If you need to purchase quality school swing set equipment to have installed on your grounds, shop at American Swing today!

Metal Swing Frames

School Swing Set Equipment from American Swing

When planning to construct a swing set, it all starts with the frame. A solid frame is going to provide the platform you need for kids to enjoy swinging freely for years to come. Our Metal Swing Frames are solid and come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. We have everything from small one-swing frames to large six-swing models, so you should have no trouble selecting one that fits your plan nicely.

Swing Seats

School Swing Set Equipment from American Swing

A swing set isn’t going to be much fun without some seats. The right seats for your swing set will depend on the age of children that will be using the playground regularly. Older kids will be able to use a standard strap seat without any trouble, while younger kids are going to need to use a tot bucket. If your school swing set will be serving a wide age range, it might be best to use two different kinds of Swing Seats within the same set.

Swing Chains

School Swing Set Equipment from American Swing

The Swing Chains are what allow for the swinging action on the swing set, and they are also responsible for keeping the kids safe by not failing during use. So, it should go without saying that choosing quality chains is an important part of this process. We carry standard chains in addition to coated chains which offer a bit of extra protection for fingers. This is especially helpful for the little ones.

Swing Hangers

School Swing Set Equipment from American Swing

Attaching your swing chains to the swing set frame is going to be the job of the Swing Hangers. Again, just as has been the case with all of the other pieces of this puzzle, you need to focus on purchasing quality products that you can rely on. Our swing hangers are made from durable materials and have been manufactured to a high standard.

ADA Seats

School Swing Set Equipment from American Swing

No swing set is complete without at least one ADA Seat for children with disabilities. An ADA seat will make it possible for many different children to use and enjoy the swing set. Some disabilities will make it impossible for a child to use a standard strap seat, so including an ADA seat is a great way to include as many kids as possible in the fun.

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Thank you for taking the time to browse our selection of high-quality, durable school swing set equipment from American Swing. Everything we sell has been manufactured to a high standard and can be expected to stand the test of time. Be sure to browse all of our products to find even more fun equipment to include in your playground design. We are excited to serve you!