Stuck at Home? Build a Swing Set!

When you’re staying at home during quarantine, there’s no lack of entertainment when it comes to your little ones! During these challenging times, remember to add some fun to your routine. If your family and kids could use a space to play, now is the perfect time for an exciting family project. Stuck at home? Build a swing set! Here’s how to get started on your new family playground.

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How to Build a Swing Set

Here’s how to start building your new family playground:

Choose Your Frame

Choosing your frame is where the fun begins! Whether you envision a solo swing for your toddler or a rockin’ tire swing for two kiddos, these options can liven up everyone’s backyard:

Light Use Frame

Our light-use frame is perfect for solo riders. This frame measures less than two yards, making it ideal for small backyards.

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Heavy 8’ High – 2 Swing – 1 Bay

For families with two or more kids, our Heavy 8’ High – 2 Swing – 1 Bay Frame makes perfect sense. This frame measures approximately six yards lengthwise at ground level.

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Heavy 6’ High – 1 Tire Swing – 1 Bay

For households with multiple children and a smaller backyard, a tire swing is a wise decision. Our Heavy 6’ High – 1 Tire Swing – 1 Bay measures approximately 5 yards and accommodates two children up to 12 years old.

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Select Your Seats

Your child’s ideal swing seat depends on their age and unique needs. From toddlers to elementary-aged kids, we have a special seat for everybody at American Swing:

Strap Seat Rubber

Our Strap Seat Rubber seats are for kids ages four to 12. These seats come in a variety of colors, including blue, green, red, tan, and yellow. For added fun, let your little ones choose their color!

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Tot Half-Bucket Polymer

Tot-Half Bucket Polymer seats are the perfect choice for toddlers ages two to three years old. If your child is younger, don’t worry—we didn’t leave out the babies! Infant High-Back Bucket Seats are also available for children ages six months to 23 months.

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ADA Swing

Our ADA accessible swing seats offer physically challenged kids an advantage to help them swing! These seats are specifically designed with ADA standards. Make your choice of  black, green, blue, yellow, or red!

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Keep It Safe

Location and spacing mean everything when it comes to building a swing set. So, before you get started with your swing set plans, review the following tips and safety recommendations:

  • Choose a soft and flat surface for your swing set. Remember to clear the area of small rocks and other hazards that may cause an injury. You may even consider adding cushioning to your location with wood chips or rubber mulch. Never install a swing set over concrete, asphalt, or any other hard surface.
  • Ensure there is a minimum of six feet of clearance in every direction of the swing set, as recommended by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This area is called the “safety zone.”
  • For more tips on swing set spacing, view our Swing Set Spacing Guide.

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During these challenging times, remember to get outside, laugh, and enjoy time with the people you love—it works wonders for your well-being. Stuck at home? Build a swing set! At American Swing, we are proud to offer a full range of residential swing set equipment that is affordable, safe, and built to last. Your new backyard playground awaits. Shop today!

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