Playground Equipment Sanitizing Guide

Sanitation is important in a playground environment. With so many kids using the playground each day, the opportunity for germs to spread is always present. Fortunately, with good sanitization techniques and a set cleaning schedule in place, you can reduce those risks and help everyone have a great time when they visit the playground. Use this playground equipment sanitation guide to learn how to clean your equipment and establish a schedule so that the gear never goes too long without proper care.

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Start With Soap & Water

You don’t need any harsh chemicals or advanced tools to start sanitizing playground equipment. In fact, all you’ll need is soap, water, a bucket, and something to wipe down the gear. A soft sponge, like one you might use to wash the outside of a car, would be a great choice for most pieces of playground equipment. Once you’ve gathered all of your cleaning supplies, take the following steps to sanitize your playground:

  • Get the equipment wet using a hose or a bucket of water that you can pour on all of the surfaces that get used.
  • Use soap and your sponge to scrub the equipment thoroughly. Do a test on a small spot first just to make sure your scrubbing action isn’t going to do any damage to the equipment.
  • Wash off any remaining soap with water and use a couple of towels to wipe everything down.

Even with this simple technique alone, you will have already made the playground a cleaner, safer place to play.

Use a Bleach Solution

To take your cleaning a step further from basic soap and water, you may wish to use a bleach solution to clean the playground equipment. Here’s how to sanitize your playground using a bleach solution:

  • Dilute your bleach at a ratio of one quart of water for every four teaspoons of bleach.
  • Apply this diluted solution to your playground equipment.
  • Let the solution sit for one to three minutes.
  • Wash the bleach solution off thoroughly using water.
  • Wipe the equipment dry using a towel. Make sure to get everything completely dry before opening the playground once again.

Refer to Manufacturer’s Directions

It’s important to take note of any manufacturer’s directions when washing your playground equipment. Some types of surfaces could be damaged by bleach, for example, so you wouldn’t want to use this method until you have checked and confirmed that it is an approved cleaning method for your equipment. If bleach is not appropriate for the equipment on your playground, review the manufacturer’s directions for alternatives.

Set a Cleaning Schedule

Frequently-touched surfaces need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the spread of germs and buildup of mold or mildew. Plan to sanitize your playground equipment once a week. Of course, if you notice certain areas that require immediate attention, it’s best to clean them immediately to eliminate bacterial growth.

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