How to Design a Backyard Playground

If you have kids, building a backyard playground is something of a dream project. Kids love spending time at a playground, and you might not have one near to your home. Or, you may just want the convenience of having access to a playground right outside your backdoor. Whatever the motivation, it’s important to know how to design a backyard playground properly so this outdoor space can work nicely for years to come.

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Choosing a Location

As the first step for this project, evaluate your property and pick out which part of the backyard would work best for a playground. Ideally, you’ll have a flat section where you can install equipment with only minimal site prep required. The more earth you have to move to get ready for your playground build, the harder this job will become. Also, you might want to locate your playground equipment where it can be easily seen from inside the house, so you can keep an eye on the kids at all times.

Plan for the Future

This is perhaps the trickiest part of designing a playground for your backyard. Given the size of this project, you don’t want the playground to only serve your kids for one or two summers—you’d like it to work for several years, at least. So, keep the future in mind when laying out the design and choosing equipment. Include some pieces that will appeal to your kids now as well as features that will be fun for them to play with as they get older.

What Surface Will You Use?

The ground underneath the playground will have a lot to do with how the whole area functions. You want the playground to be safe, of course, so the surface under the equipment needs to provide some cushioning for falls. There are plenty of options here, including rubber products, wood chips, and more. As you pick your surfacing, keep maintenance in mind, as a loose option such as wood chips will require cleanup and occasional replenishing.

Be Safe

You’d never want to put your children in danger by creating an unsafe playground in your own backyard. Even though this is private property, you still need to follow safety regulations regarding playground structures in your area. In addition to following all of the rules, also be sure to buy your equipment from a quality supplier that sells reliable, durable products, such as American Swing!

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Take a Practical Approach

As a loving parent, you want to give your kids the best of everything—but a dose of practicality is important in this process. For instance, if you turn your entire backyard into a playground, you might soon regret that decision when you realize that your yard can’t be used for anything else. Take a rational approach to the design so you can create a fun playground while also keeping your property flexible for other uses.

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Now that you know how to design a backyard playground, order quality playground equipment from American Swing. If you need any help picking from our line of durable playground gear, or if you have any questions, contact us right away. Thank you for visiting!

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