Plastic vs Rubber Swing Seats: Which is Right for You?

The seat is a critical part of any swing set. Not only should a swing seat be comfortable for the user, but it should also hold up nicely as the years go by. At American Swing, we offer both plastic and rubber swing seat options—but which one is right for your needs? Let’s take a closer look at that question, below.

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What’s the Difference?

If you’ve never built a playground, you may not have realized that there are a variety of options for swing seats. In addition to specialty seats like toddler buckets and half-buckets, you can also pick between rubber and plastic for a traditional flat seat. A rubber strap seat will usually be flexible, so the seat forms around the body of the user when they sit down. On the other hand, a plastic seat is rigid, remaining flat even after the user sits down and starts to swing.

So, is one better than the other? Not necessarily. Children can enjoy countless hours of swinging fun on either type of seat, so you’ll just need to decide which option makes the most sense for your playground project.

The Traditional Approach

For many people, picturing a traditional swing set means picturing a rubber strap seat. These were usually black in years gone by, but they are now available in a wide range of colors. Rubber belt seats tend to be extremely durable, especially when you order from a quality supplier like American Swing. Also, they are affordable and offer a comfortable experience for the user. There’s a lot to like here, which is why they have been so popular for so many years.

But rubber belt swing seats aren’t perfect. Specifically, they can be hard for smaller children to use because of the way they give. As a child sits down to swing, the strap set will sink down, and the small child might find it hard to hold onto the chains of the swing comfortably from that lower position.

An Appealing Alternative

By opting for a flat plastic seat, you may make your swing set more comfortable for a wider range of children. Older kids will be able to use and enjoy the swings without any problem, and it might be easier for a younger child to enjoy as well. This way, you’ll be able to serve kids who are now too big for a toddler bucket but may not quite be ready for a rubber strap seat. As with the rubber option, plastic seats can be durable when purchased from a respected brand.

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We hope you have a better idea if plastic or rubber swing seats are right for you. If you still aren’t sure which to choose for your project, reach out today for assistance. The team at American Swing will be happy to discuss your needs and help you select the right products for your swing set—or any of the other components of your playground.

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