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Our galvanized steel wood beam hanger with shackle pendulum is the perfect solution for wooden swing frames. It features a shackle pendulum with a 1/2″ wide opening, which eliminates the need for an S-hook to connect the chain, making it tamper-resistant. Additionally, the pendulum has a special hole that requires an allen wrench to open and close, adding an extra layer of security.

This hanger is made of galvanized steel, ensuring its durability and resistance to rust. The hanger has a .51 ID oil light bearing and an axle bolt with a lock tight nut, accepting a 12mm bolt. The teeth on top of the hanger prevent it from turning after installation, and it uses only one bolt for installation. Note that the nut and bolt are not included.

The plate of the hanger is 2 1/4″ x 1 1/4″, and the product has a tensile strength of 10,600 lbs. It should last up to 5 years in optimal conditions and up to 2 years in harsh conditions, but some conditions may require replacement sooner. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a durable and safe swing hanger for your wooden swing frames.

**Installation, Safe Use and Maintenance Instructions**

IMPORTANT: Please read for important information. In this material we have tried to provide some requirements stated in the CPSC Handbooks, ASTM F2373-11, F1487-11 and F1148-09. However, we in no way intend for this to be a complete list of requirements. Also these publications are updated frequently with changes, therefore, you should read these publications yourself to determine if any part or installation could prove a danger to a child.

To help keep children safe from harm, review installation and maintenance instructions before installing equipment. These are located in the description of every product on our website.   Download and print these instructions and keep in a safe place. Our website also has a “Product Testing Information” page. All products are tested for lead, phthalates and tensile strength. You can also call us at 1-800-433-2573 for more information or see

Installation: Our parts are sold as either replacement parts or components of a set, unless you are buying our Metal Frame Set, therefore these parts need to be installed according to the sets installation instructions. If the installation instructions differ from ours please contact us at 800-433-2573. 

The beam hanger must have pendulum removed by loosening nut and removing bolt holding pendulum in swing hanger. The long part of hanger is placed perpendicular to wood beam. Determine spacing of swing hangers on wood beam by consulting either Figure 23, Table 7 for commercial swings, or for residential sets see spacing dimensions for ASTM 1148 diagram. Mark wood beam with correct spacing, then place hanger on bottom of wood beam and mark hole with pencil. Using a power drill with a ½” bit, drill holes through wood beam.   Insert appropriate length carriage bolt with flat washer on either side of wood beam, so carriage bolt points downwards. The bolt, washers and nut are not included. Pay attention to bolt length. It must be long enough to go through hanger, but not so long as to impede re-attachment of pendulum. After inserting bolt, attach lock nut to carriage bolt and bottom washer. Teeth on top of hanger should sink into wood as nut is tightened. If necessary, hit hanger with rubber mallet, so that teeth are firmly sunk in wood. This will prevent hanger from turning. Check that the bolt is attached with no more than two threads showing beyond the nut. Check to see bolt is straight and nut is tight. Make sure swing hanger is straight. Replace pendulum into hanger, making sure nut is tight with no more than two threads protruding past nut, and that the pendulum can swing freely. Unscrew bolt, put last link of chain on bolt and then screw bolt back in using the A5750 wrench. Check that the bolt is attached with no more than 2 threads showing beyond nut.

Safe Use: This is for children 0 – 12 years old only. Adults should supervise children at all times. Do not allow children to use unsafely. Do not allow it to be used if damaged.

Maintenance: At beginning and end of each play season and once a month during play season, check for sharp edges and/or cracks in hanger, paying particular attention to surface around bolt hole. Check for cracks in wood around bolt hole. Check to see if oil lite bearing in swing hanger pendulum is worn or cracking. When worn or cracked, replace pendulum. Check for vandalism. Replace parts if necessary. Check to make sure both lock nuts are tight. Maintain detailed inspection and maintenance records for public-use playground equipment.

Any damage from vandalism, abuse or misuse VOIDS all warranties.


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