How to Make a Tire Swing

An image showing a tire swing hanging from a tree.

Tire swings are fun for kids because they add another dimension to the swinging experience. With 360 degrees of movement available, a tire swing is sure to be a popular attraction on your playground for years to come. Also, many tire swings accommodate more than one swinger at a time, making this a great activity for friends and siblings. In this post, we’d like to highlight the basics of how to build a tire swing so you can enhance your backyard or playground. With the right equipment supplied by American Swing, this is a pretty simple job.

Support the Swing

How to Make a Tire Swing

To start, choose the frame that you will use to support your tire swing. The frame you select needs to be large enough and strong enough to comfortably withstand the weight of those who will be using the swing. Also, when you shop with American Swing, you will get to pick out touches like the color of the frame fittings, so you can tie in this new frame to the design of the rest of your playground.

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The Swing Itself

How to Make a Tire Swing

What’s a tire swing without a tire? While early tire swings used actual tires, it’s a better idea to use a product that has been specifically designed for this application. The “tires” offered by American Swing for this purpose are closed on the inside so they don’t collect water, bugs, trash, etc. Also, rather than rubber, these swings are made from polypropylene, which is durable and non-marking. You’ll have color options available here, as well, so this is another chance to add to your playground décor.

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Add a Swivel

How to Make a Tire Swing

The key to the whole tire swing experience is the swivel. This is the device that connects the tire swing chains to the frame, and it provides the 360-degrees of movement that make using a tire swing so much fun. Since this component is responsible for not only the swinging action but also for suspending the tire swing and keeping it from falling to the ground, be sure to buy a quality swivel from a trusted supplier. In addition, basic maintenance should be performed on the swivel periodically to monitor its condition and keep it working properly.

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Finish It with the Right Chain

How to Make a Tire Swing

To bring everything together, you’ll need a chain to hold the tire up off the ground. More accurately, you’ll need three chains, as each tire is suspended by three chains to keep it nicely balanced as it swings. We have a variety of chains to pick from at American Swing, including traditional chains and soft-grip models that are kind to small fingers.

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Order Your Supplies Today!

Now that you know how to make a tire swing, it’s time to purchase the necessary equipment for the job. At American Swing, nothing is more important to us than the quality of our products. We want each customer to get great value for their money, and that means offering playground equipment that will stand the test of time. Order today or contact us for more information. Thank you for visiting American Swing!

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How to Make a Tire Swing