How To Get Grants For Playground Equipment

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It’s an exciting time when you decide to build a playground. But coming up with the funds necessary is a hurdle that some organizations are never able to clear. To help you, we’d like to touch on a few methods on how to get grants for playground equipment.

Playgrounds Are Good For The Community

How To Get Grants For Playground Equipment

Many communities center around the activity that takes place at their playground, as it is where families tend to come together to spend time outside. Without a doubt, building a quality playground is one of the best things that can be done for a neighborhood.

Of course, once the initial excitement wears off, a few questions will start to pile up. How are you going to design the playground? What about permits? And who is going to pay for it? This last question can be particularly troublesome.

There Is Money Out There

At first, it can seem like an impossible task to track down a grant to pay for playground equipment. But don’t be discouraged. In reality, there are many potential donors for your playground project, as long as you are persistent and know where to look.

Some potential options include the following:

  • State-level funding. It is usually a good idea to start on a small scale and expand your search from there. Start by looking for local or state-level funding opportunities that are meant to serve kids.
  • National companies. Of course, if you don’t have much luck locally, you can start to think bigger. Many national (or worldwide) companies and organizations have programs in place to fund projects for communities.
  • Children-specific foundations. This is a natural place to look. Seek out foundations which are in operation specifically to serve the needs of children.

Realistically, finding grant money for a playground is not something that will happen overnight. Be realistic in your expectations and stick with it until something works out.

Grant Directories

How To Get Grants For Playground Equipment

To help you get started in you search for grants for playground equipment, here are some links to some grant directories:

The Write Touch

The way you write your grant proposal is going to have a lot to do with your chances of success. Even if you are not an experienced grant writer—and you don’t have the budget to hire one—you can use a few simple tips to better your odds:

  • Be concise. Most likely, the individual reviewing your proposal will have many to read—and a limited time to do so. Remove all of the fluff so what’s left is impactful and relevant.
  • Make sure it looks good. Organizations want to know that their money will be well spent, so you should maintain a professional appearance and give them confidence that you are serious about following through with the project.
  • Ask for help. Once you’ve written a proposal, have at least a couple of other people read over it. Their input will be valuable as you fine tune the final product.

With plenty of planning and a bit of luck, you’ll hopefully come out of this process with the funds you need to create a beautiful, exciting playground.

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How To Get Grants For Playground Equipment

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