How Much Does a Playground Cost?

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Building a playground is an exciting project. But before getting started, you need to think carefully about the budget you have available and how it impacts what you can accomplish. You don’t want to get partway through your project only to find there isn’t enough money available to finish the job. Do some careful math upfront so you can avoid struggles and disappointment later on. Here is a helpful guide to help you estimate how much a playground may cost.

Preparing the Playground Site

How Much Does a Playground Cost?

There are going to be some costs involved with getting the playground site ready for the installation of equipment. It’s hard to outline exact costs here, as they will vary wildly from one site to the next. Some sites will need only some basic clearing and a bit of leveling to be ready, while other sites will demand a large amount of work. In addition to clearing, there is typically some sort of foundation required before construction can begin, like concrete and/or gravel.

Purchasing Playground Equipment

How Much Does a Playground Cost?

It’s likely that the bulk of your budget will be spent on the actual equipment purchases. Costs for equipment vary as well, but let’s look at a few examples of items available here at American Swing.

Of course, it’s important to note that those prices are just the cost of purchasing the equipment and don’t say anything about having it installed. If you are going to have installation expenses along with the price of the equipment itself, be sure to factor that into your overall equation.

While the costs of buying good playground equipment can add up if you are constructing a large play space, it’s always worthwhile to buy good gear! Opting for cheap, low-quality equipment to save money upfront is a decision that you will surely come to regret later on. You’ll find that many of the swings and playground equipment at American Swing are priced reasonably. Browse our collections to estimate your costs:

A Rough Estimate

How Much Does a Playground Cost?

We need to preface this section by saying that costs can vary significantly based on things like site prep, labor costs, and much more. With that said, you may wish to use the number of $1,000 per child as a ballpark figure for the total cost of the job when all is said and done.

That means you should figure roughly $1,000 for each child that you would like to be able to play on the playground at one time. Building a residential backyard playground for two to three kids? Somewhere in the $2,000 – $3,000 range should get it done. Building a commercial park where 25 kids will be able to play together at the same time? Make sure you have at least $25,000 in the budget and go from there.

For All Your Playground Equipment Needs

We hope this quick post has given you a rough idea of the budget you’ll need to build a great playground that kids can enjoy for years to come. When you are ready to order the quality playground equipment you need for this project, turn to American Swing. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you!

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