Plastic Swings from American Swing

An image showing the colors of our polymer strap swing seat: Blue, Yellow, Green, Red.

Swings have been popular on playgrounds for generations. If you’re looking for one of these classic pieces to add to your local playground or backyard, plastic swings are a great choice because of their durability and affordable price tag. In this post, we would like to highlight a few of the best plastic swings from American Swing. If you have any questions about the products below, please feel free to contact our friendly team!

Rotational Molded Flat Swing Seat

Plastic Swings from American Swing

The Rotational Molded Flat Swing Seat is offered in five fun colors, making it easy for you to coordinate your swing seats with the rest of your playground equipment. Plus, the sturdy design of the seat makes it suitable for both small and larger kids. If your swing set needs new seats that will last for years to come, consider this model from American Swing.

Tot Full Bucket Roto Molded

Plastic Swings from American Swing

Small children who aren’t yet strong enough to hold on to a traditional flat seat should not be left out of the swinging fun. By adding one or two Tot Full Bucket Roto Molded seats to your swing set, you’ll give those smaller kids a secure place to ride while mom or dad pushes them back and forth. Five attractive colors are available, so these seats are sure to grab the attention of excited little ones.

Tire Swing

Plastic Swings from American Swing

Our Tire Swing seat adds a new dimension to the experience of a traditional swing set. When attached by all three points around the tire, this seat will be able to swing in any direction, allowing kids to explore their limits and have a great time with their friends. The tire is designed to handle as many as three children at one time, with each child weighing less than 50 pounds.

ADA Swing

Plastic Swings from American Swing

It’s important to provide all children with the opportunity to have fun at the playground. To accommodate those with special needs, include an ADA Swing seat as part of your swing set. It includes a yoke and unique locking system, and it also comes in five different colors!

Plastic Trapeze Rings

Plastic Swings from American Swing

Sitting down is not necessarily a requirement to enjoy the sensation of swinging. With our Plastic Trapeze Rings, kids can hang on tight to test their physical capabilities. Despite their modest price tag, this product can be expected to provide many years of fun even in tough weather. They’ll last even longer when used in a mild climate!

Trapeze Bar Combo

Plastic Swings from American Swing

This Trapeze Bar Combo includes two trapeze rings which are connected by a bar. Children will be able to choose whether they would like to swing from the handles or from the bar itself. A total of six color combinations are available for this product, so take a moment to pick out the one which best suits your playground design.

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As you can see, there are plenty of plastic swings from American Swing for you to choose from. No matter which model you select, you can expect to receive a quality product for a great price. We look forward to serving you!

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