Playground Monkey Bar Equipment from American Swing

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Going back and forth on a swing set is plenty of fun, for sure, but there’s something about swinging on the monkey bars that presents a unique challenge and experience. To make sure this kind of swinging is possible for all who use your residential playground, take a look at our playground monkey bar equipment from American Swing. Our high-quality offerings provide so much fun and variety to any play space. Keep in mind that monkey bars are only permitted on residential playgrounds, not public playgrounds!

Trapeze Bar Combo

Playground Monkey Bar Equipment from American Swing

Some kids like to hang onto a bar when swinging, while others prefer triangle grips. Either way, the Trapeze Bar Combo from American Swing will be a winner, because it features both options in one package with a trapeze bar located above the grips. In addition to the durable construction that allows this item to hold up to the elements, it is also available in a range of color combinations to suit your playground design.

Polished Aluminum Triangle

Playground Monkey Bar Equipment from American Swing

Even the most adventurous young child may have trouble holding onto a ring, as the curved shape at the bottom doesn’t make for a great place to grip. With a triangle, however, the bottom is flat, so small hands can better hold on as they swing. Our Polished Aluminum Triangles are easy to hold, are designed to last, and look great with their shiny finish.

Polished Aluminum Ring

Playground Monkey Bar Equipment from American Swing

If you would prefer to go with a traditional circle rather than a triangle, we would be happy to supply you with a quality Polished Aluminum Ring. This product meets ASTM standards, and its measurements include a 1’’ diameter at the bottom of the ring and a 4.5’’ inside diameter. Thanks to the polished finish, these rings will draw attention from anywhere on the playground.

Plastisol Coated Triangle

Playground Monkey Bar Equipment from American Swing

Looking for some bright colors to add to the visual appeal of your residential playground equipment? A great way to add a small pop of color is through the use of our Plastisol Coated Triangles. We have four colors available—blue, green, red, and yellow—and the coating on the triangles makes it easier for children to maintain their grip.

Plastisol Coated Aluminum Ring

Playground Monkey Bar Equipment from American Swing

Swinging on a ring will provide children the opportunity to test their physical strength when trying to get all the way across the monkey bars. Use Plastisol Coated Aluminum Rings to give children a small boost by making the rings easier to see and hold.

Plastic Trapeze Rings

Playground Monkey Bar Equipment from American Swing

For a great value, consider Plastic Trapeze Rings instead of aluminum models. Through the use of injection molding, these rings still offer impressive strength and are available in five different colors. When your playground project is on a tight budget, making choices like opting for plastic rings can help you keep the final cost under control.

Great Prices on Excellent Equipment

For high-quality playground monkey bar equipment, or any other pieces you need to bring your residential playground to life, order from American Swing Right away. We are committed to your satisfaction, so be sure to contact us with any questions. We’re happy to serve you!

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