What to Put Under a Swing Set

An image of a child on a flat swing seat with the sun setting in front of them.

There are few pieces of playground equipment that get kids as excited as a swing set. Swings are fun for kids of all different ages, but you need to make sure to handle the installation properly, so everyone can enjoy them safely. That means buying a quality swing set and installing it appropriately—but it also means ensuring you use the right material beneath the swing set. Using the proper material doesn’t guarantee against injury, of course, but it is a big step in the right direction. Here are some tips on what to put under a swing set to get you started.

Shock Absorption Is The Goal

What to Put Under a Swing Set

When picking out a material to use under your new swing set, it’s important to keep in mind the basic goal for the project. The idea here is to soften any falls that may take place. This is why a plain grass surface is not necessarily the ideal way to go. While landing on grass may be better than landing on something like concrete or asphalt, there are better options that will offer kids a more cushioned landing.

Rubber Mulch Is Great, But Costly

What to Put Under a Swing Set

If you have a significant budget for this project, you will want to strongly consider rubber mulch for the job. As the name would suggest, this is simply a collection of small pieces of rubber that are distributed in the area below the swing set. This material will do a great job of absorbing shock when a child lands, and it requires little in the way of maintenance.

You can also pick from many colors to nicely coordinate the rubber mulch with the rest of the playground design. The notable downside here is the cost. Rubber mulch will come along with a sizeable price tag, especially if you have a large swing set as part of your playground. This is still a strong option to consider, however, so take some time to price out this type of fill to see if it’s feasible.

Wood Chips Are Popular

What to Put Under a Swing Set

If you spend any time at playgrounds with your kids, you have almost certainly seen this option in use. Wood chips are a great choice, as they walk the line between performance and affordability. Wood chips are reasonably affordable, natural, and offer some degree of shock absorption. On the downside, they can cause splinters from time to time, and some maintenance will be necessary.

Sand Is A Budget Choice

What to Put Under a Swing Set

You may choose to fill in the area below your swing set with sand. This is an economical option that can get the job done. But it doesn’t offer a lot in the way of benefits. Some of the sand will almost certainly make its way into shoes and socks, which can be quite a mess. Also, the play area may become hard after a heavy rain, and plenty of ongoing maintenance is required.

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