Top Climbing Playground Equipment

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Climbing equipment includes some of the most popular pieces on any playground. Kids love to test their limits, and for many kids, that means climbing on just about anything they can find! Properly designed playground equipment can allow kids to climb and have fun while remaining in a safe environment which has been designed for just such activity. Let’s take a look at some of the top climbing playground equipment available today!

Rope Ladder

Top Climbing Playground Equipment

This is a classic piece of climbing equipment, and one which has been seen on playgrounds for many years. A rope ladder is a great piece to include when designing a playground, because it is so easy to use for so many kids.

Bigger kids will be able to climb up to the top without much trouble, while smaller children may have fun pulling up on just the bottom one or two rungs. Not only is a rope ladder a fun piece of equipment on its own, it can also be a great way to access other parts of a play structure.

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Trapeze Bar

Top Climbing Playground Equipment

Kids love to swing. At a playground, that often means sitting on a seat and swinging back and forth on the swing set. However, that doesn’t have to be the only option, as you can also include a trapeze bar for the kids to hang onto while they swing a bit. Like the rope ladder, this is a piece which can be integrated as part of the overall design of the structure that will be the centerpiece of your playground.

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Rock Grips

Top Climbing Playground Equipment

A piece of climbing equipment doesn’t have to be complicated or elaborate in order to be fun and exciting for kids. The use of rock grips is a perfect example of how something simple can be a big attraction. When these grips are installed properly on a suitable surface, children will be able to test their climbing abilities and learn how to solve problems as they make their way up to the top. If you need to add an additional feature to your playground without changing the overall design in a meaningful way, you might find a spot to incorporate rock grips!

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ADA Climbing Swing

Top Climbing Playground Equipment

It’s extremely important to think about including as many children as possible when designing a playground. An ADA climbing swing is a great choice because it can be fun for a wide variety of kids with varying capabilities. Before you place an order, be sure you have a suitable location for such an attraction. Also, be sure that the piece of equipment is a good fit for the age of the children typically visiting the playground.

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Top Climbing Playground Equipment