Amazing Benefits of Playing Outside for Kids

An image with a bunch of children showing off their nail polish.

If you have kids or spend any time around kids on a consistent basis, you know one thing to be true: they love to play outside. Even in a world that has become increasingly digital and focused on indoors, kids still love to spend as much time outside as possible. As adults, we need to excel at giving them opportunities to play outdoors in a safe and controlled environment. If you need a little motivation to make that happen, consider the following benefits of playing outside for kids.

Frequent Exercise

When kids are sitting in front of a screen, they are not getting exercise. While there can be a time and place for these kinds of indoor activities, they should not dominate the day. Exercise is important for humans of all ages, kids included. Adults tend to go to the gym when they want to work out, but kids get exercise just by playing outside. Whether it’s exploring a playground, playing basketball or soccer with friends, or riding bikes, there are countless ways for kids to exercise in a manner that just feels like having fun.

Taking a Few Risks

The indoor world is a controlled environment with very few surprises—and a limited opportunity to take risks. There is a degree of risk that can be good for children, as it helps them test their limits and learn how to challenge themselves. Getting outside to play is the perfect opportunity to encounter some minor risks that provide a great learning experience. For instance, a small child might have to summon some courage to climb up a play structure and go down the slide. It may look like a small thing at the time, but that event can build confidence for bigger challenges to come.

Playing Outside Makes Kids Happy

This should be the primary motivation for parents to get their kids outside more often. Simply put, spending time outside tends to make people happy. The natural light you encounter contributes to a positive mood, and the simple act of exploring nature is endlessly exciting and stimulating. Plus, when you return home, the kids will be physically tired and may sleep better as a result.

Not only can you make your kids happier by allowing them more time outside, but you may also improve your own mood by going along with them. In the end, the whole family can benefit from taking the time to experience the outdoors!

Upgrade Your Local Playground

Kids receive huge benefits when they consistently play outside. If you’d like to build or upgrade a playground to provide the perfect spot for children to stay active, consider American Swing for all of your equipment needs. Order today or contact us for more information. We’re excited to help you create spaces where kids can play!