Commercial Toddler Playground Equipment From American Swing

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For a toddler, a playground is an incredible wonderland. The equipment seems so big, the space seems limitless, and fun is guaranteed. To make sure toddlers can fully enjoy the experience, it’s important to include equipment that is designed for their needs. Let’s take a look at some of the best commercial toddler playground equipment American Swing has to offer!

Airplane Spring Ride


This first item on our list is a playground classic. Spring rides are a great option to help get toddlers engaged right from the start. They will naturally be drawn to the fun airplane design, and the excitement of rocking back and forth is sure to bring out some giggles. You can install this piece of equipment in its own dedicated area in your playground, or it can be clustered with other, similar items.

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Bucket Swing Seat


Swing sets can be just as fun for toddlers as older kids, but little ones aren’t yet able to hold themselves safely in place on the swing. With the addition of one or two tot bucket seats, you can allow the toddlers to swing worry-free—even on the same swing set as older kids. These seats come in a variety of colors, making it easy to pick one that matches with your playground theme.

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Wave Slide


If you’d like the toddlers who visit your playground to be able to slide, you’ll need to provide a slide that is an appropriate length and speed. These wave slides are perfect, as they aren’t long enough to create too much speed, and the wave design adds a fun up and down experience.

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Spring Rider Car


Just like the spring airplane, it is the fun design of this toy that will first entice toddlers to get a closer look. Once they sit inside the car, they’ll love wobbling around on top of the spring that holds the car off the ground.

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Tot Half Bucket Swing Seat


You want your playground to accommodate kids as they grow. Offering at least one half bucket swing seat is a great way to do just that. This type of seat will serve kids who are too big for the full bucket but are not yet stable enough to sit on a standard strap seat.

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Motorcycle Spring Ride


If you’d like to create a toddler-friendly section within your playground, you could easily group this motorcycle spring ride along with the airplane and car spring riders we’ve featured earlier in this list. Since the child’s legs will be on the outside of this piece of equipment, it feels a little more adventurous than the airplane or car.

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ADA Swing


It’s important to think about those with disabilities when crafting a playground plan. Adding an ADA seat to your swing set will help children with physical limitations have a great time visit after visit.

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If you are working on a project and need toddler playground equipment to round out your design, you’ve come to the right place. At American Swing, we produce high-quality equipment and offer our customers excellent service and competitive prices. Place your order today or contact us for more information!