Top Games to Play on a Swing Set

An image that shows several different swing seats attached to a swing set in a park.

When you head to the park with your kids, there’s a good chance they’ll bolt for the swing set as soon as you arrive. Swing sets offer so much fun, as children get to soar back and forth through the air. However, while the swing set is a playground classic, some kids might find that it gets a little stale as the years go by. But, if you introduce them to some swing set games, this piece of equipment could have a newfound appeal. Let’s take a look at some of our top games to play on a swing set.

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Knock It Down

This first game requires a little planning in advance. Specifically, you’ll need to bring a few empty boxes with you to the park. Old shoeboxes work great for this game, but any small cardboard box will do. Of course, it should be boxes that you don’t care about, because they may get dented!

Stack a few of the boxes in front of where your child will be swinging. Then, challenge them to swing far enough to kick over the stack. Decide where to place the boxes based on how far they can usually swing. Then, each park visit, you can make the game a little harder by adjusting them further and further away!

Turn It Around

Smaller children usually need a push to get their momentum going on the swing. Often times, a parent will do this by pushing them from behind. That works great, but why not turn it around from time to time?

Try standing in front of your child and gently pushing on their feet to start the swinging action. They will be able to see your face, which will make it more interactive, and they are likely to giggle each time they come swinging back down toward you.

A Wiggly Ride

You don’t always have to go back and forth on a swing set. With your child securely in place and holding on tight, use your hands to wiggle the swing from side to side. This is another game that is likely to draw some laughter, and it will also give your arms a break after the child has been swinging for a while.

Let the Child Lead the Way

Perhaps the true top games to play on a swing set are the ones your child develops independently. It might only take asking if they have a fun idea for a new game to get their creativity started!

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