Infant & Toddler Playground Equipment

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Playgrounds are magical places for little kids. When provided with the right playground equipment, infants and toddlers can let their imaginations run free in a fun yet controlled environment. So, when building or renovating a playground, you’ll want to use quality products from a trusted supplier. Explore some of the best American Swing infant and toddler playground equipment that you should consider for your next project!

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Infant High-Back Bucket Seat


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The standard strap seat on a swing set isn’t a safe option for young children. However, young kids like to swing just as much as the older kids! That’s why an Infant High-Back Bucket Seat is essential. This seat will give the little one a secure and comfortable place to ride while being pushed to and fro!

Roto-Molded Spring-Ride Airplane

Infant & Toddler Playground Equipment

Climbing on this Roto-Molded Spring-Ride Airplane offers a great adventure for a young child. Thanks to the spring mount, this small plane will rock back and forth and side to side. While it might be the bright color and playful design that initially attracts the child, the exciting ride is what will keep them coming back time after time.

8’ Wave Slide

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What would a playground be without a slide? Along with swings, slides are always a major attraction. This 8’ Wave Slide is perfect for young kids who aren’t quite ready for the bigger slides. The wave design provides a thrill as the child moves up and down before reaching the bottom. Plus, it’s available in two great colors!

Tot Full Bucket Roto-Molded

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A solid swing set bucket, like the Tot Full Bucket Roto-Molded, provides little kids the perfect opportunity to swing right alongside their older siblings. Parents can feel good about placing their infant in this swing, as it is constructed with durable polyethylene and built to last. After experiencing the swing set for the first time, your toddler is likely to be drawn back to their favorite bucket seat over and over again.

Tot Full-Bucket Rubber Seat with Insert

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The Tot Full-Bucket Rubber Seat with Insert features a steel insert to add significant durability. This helps you get the most from your investment in the long run. Of course, the steel insert is fully wrapped in rubber, so the child will also have a comfortable ride from start to finish.

Roto-Molded Spring Ride Motorcycle

Infant & Toddler Playground Equipment

As much as kids love playing at a playground, that passion might be matched by the enthusiasm they have for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. By opting for the Roto-Molded Spring Ride Motorcycle on your playground, you’ll have an instant winner that will draw nearly every small child who comes to visit.

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For your upcoming project, consider purchasing your equipment from American Swing. Our strong, durable, and fun playground equipment will allow you to create a fantastic place for your children to play. Browse our selection today!