Playground Inspection Checklist

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A playground is not the kind of thing you work on once and then forget about. Safety is the name of the game on a playground, and regular inspections are necessary to make sure the playground is remaining safe for kids to enjoy day after day. By having proper inspections performed, you will hopefully be able to catch problems as they develop, dealing with them before they become bigger issues. If you’re unsure what to look for or just want a helpful reminder, take a look at this playground inspection checklist.

Equipment Evaluation

Playground Inspection Checklist

Naturally, any playground inspection is going to start with a review of the condition of the equipment. The play equipment is the focal point of the playground, and it is where kids are likely to spend most of their time. It is also where potential risks can pop up, especially if the equipment is not inspected regularly. The following list highlights some of the key things to watch for when inspecting playground equipment:

  • Check all wood parts for splintering and cracking
  • Review fasteners like bolts and screws to ensure none are sticking out. Time to replace a fastener? Shop swing fasters now!
  • Watch for rust on metal parts. If your metal swings are past their prime, you can replace them affordably at American Swing. Shop metal swing frames here.
  • Look for signs of stress in components that may indicate upcoming failure
  • Check chains on swing sets to confirm they are in good condition and properly attached to the frame. American Swing offers a full range of replacement sweats, chains, and more for when its time to replace or upgrade.
  • Safely check for wasp nests or other types of bugs that may have formed under the equipment

The precise type of inspection you will perform on your equipment is going to relate directly to the play structure you have in place. Identify the potential risks of your playground equipment and specifically monitor those points.

The Surrounding Area

Playground Inspection Checklist

A thorough inspection is not going to end with a review of the condition of the playground equipment. Rather, it is also going to include the grounds surrounding the play structure. This area is just as important to child safety.

  • Review surfacing to ensure it is offering sufficient fall cushioning, especially if a loose material like wood chips is being used
  • Watch for dangerous materials on the ground like broken glass, needles, etc.
  • Have animal waste removed from the play area
  • Periodically review trees in the area for any dangerous branches that may be likely to fall in a storm

Much of what you need to perform a thorough playground inspection just comes down to common sense. Think about what kinds of things may be dangerous for children and remove them or mediate them in some way. By keeping up with a consistent schedule of inspections, you can offer kids a safe and fun place to play for years to come.

When You Need New Equipment

One of the best ways to make it through a playground inspection successfully is to use quality equipment when first constructing the playground. Whether you are building a new playground or need to make repairs to an old one, American Swing is the perfect place to shop. From replacement equipment and parts to the tools you need to install them, we offer it all. We provide our customers with competitive prices, yet we never compromise on quality. Plus, all of our products include a 1-Year Warranty. We look forward to serving you!

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Playground Inspection Checklist