Unique Commercial Playground Equipment from American Swing

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If you’re working on a playground project, you’ve probably been looking around at other playgrounds for inspiration. In doing so, you may have noticed that many playgrounds tend to feature the same pieces of equipment as others in the area. Want to do something a little different? American Swing has a variety of unique commercial playground equipment pieces to pick from, including those highlighted below.

ADA Swing

Unique Commercial Playground Equipment from American Swing

One of the best ways to set your playground apart from others is to accommodate as many children as possible. Including an ADA Swing in your playground design will help children with disabilities have a great time and build relationships with other kids in the area. You’ll be impressed with the quality of our ADA swing seat, and its durable nature will ensure you’ll get great value for your investment.

Roto-Molded Spring Ride Motorcycle

Unique Commercial Playground Equipment from American Swing

Spring seats are a relatively common sight on playgrounds, and they are typically popular with young kids. However, such spring rides are often animals, or maybe airplanes – but we have taken this classic in a different direction with a motorcycle design. Kids are sure to be drawn to this fun Roto-Molded Spring Ride Motorcycle, and it’s likely to be one of the busiest spots on the playground when little ones are around.

2-Bay Tire Swing

Unique Commercial Playground Equipment from American Swing

A tire swing adds some variety beyond a standard swing set because of the tire’s ability to sway in all different directions. But, with a large 2-Bay Tire Swing, multiple kids will be able to play at the same time. There are multiple options to pick from when ordering this product, including the frame fitting color, swing seat color, and chain color.

3-Bay Swing Set

Unique Commercial Playground Equipment from American Swing

While it’s not uncommon to include a traditional swing set in a playground, many play areas have just a couple of swings. With a big 3-Bay Swing Set from American Swing, you’ll have a total of six swings available, making it easy for a group of friends to all swing at the same time.

Tot Full Bucket Roto Molded

Unique Commercial Playground Equipment from American Swing

It’s great to accommodate as many different ages as possible with your playground design, but small kids can be tough to serve because they are limited in strength and mobility. With a Tot Full Bucket included as part of your swing set, little ones will be able to enjoy a fun ride while Mom or Dad supervises and provides a push.

ADA Climbing Multi-User Swring™

For something that will really help to separate your playground from others, take a close look at the ADA Climbing Multi-User Swring™. This piece of equipment has rings that children can climb and ride on to swing. Not only is this a fun piece to add, but it is also great for promoting sharing and cooperative play among the children on the playground.

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At American Swing, everything starts with quality. No matter what you buy from us, whether it’s our unique commercial playground equipment or our residential pieces, you can trust that it has been designed and built to last. Shop all of our fantastic equipment today!

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