The Ultimate Swing Set Maintenance Checklist

An image of two children playing on a basket swing seat.

Installing a quality swing set on your playground is a great addition, as kids of all ages are sure to flock to it as one of their first stops when they arrive. Of course, simply installing the swing set is not the end of the job—you’ll need to perform regular maintenance to make sure this piece of equipment remains safe for kids to use as the years go by. Go through this ultimate swing set maintenance checklist to view some key areas you need to manage.

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Check the Connection Points

The Ultimate Swing Set Maintenance Checklist

A good place to start your maintenance routine is with the connection points that keep the swing set moving back and forth safely. For instance, you’ll want to review the condition of the ‘S’ hooks that connect the chain to the seat of the swing. If these hooks have started to bend open, or if their condition is deteriorating, have them replaced before an accident occurs. When the hooks are replaced, make sure the new ones are rated sufficiently to handle the weight they will need to support when the swings are used.

Lubrication for a Smooth Swing

Swing sets sit outdoors in all sorts of weather, even when the kids are safely inside away from the rain or snow. Those adverse conditions can be tough on the parts of the swing set, and you may find that the free-swinging action that kids expect has become limited or restricted over time. Lubricating the necessary parts will open up the swinging motion once again, but be sure to always perform this maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions.

Check the Stability of the Frame

The Ultimate Swing Set Maintenance Checklist

You should not notice any significantly wobbling of the frame if you push on it a bit from side to side. If the frame is swaying dramatically under light pressure, you may have a foundation problem that needs to be addressed. This could obviously become a very serious safety hazard, as injuries could occur if the set fell down while in use.

Remember the Landing Surface

While you will focus much of your attention on the swing set itself when performing maintenance, you will also want to address the condition of the landing surface. For instance, if wood chips have been used to create a landing surface on the playground, those chips may be moved away over time by kids dragging their feet while swinging. You may simply need to redistribute the wood chips from time to time to solve this problem, or you might need to bring in a fresh load of chips. This is an important maintenance point not only for the swing set but for the rest of the playground as well.

Start with Great Equipment from American Swing

The Ultimate Swing Set Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance is important, as you can see from this ultimate swing set maintenance checklist. However, you also want to start with a great piece of equipment when you install a swing set. At American Swing, we offer our customers excellent and durable playground equipment at competitive prices. Shop our swing set options today!

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