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From the perspective of a child, it’s hard to beat the fun associated with a playground slide. Climbing up to the top of the play structure can feel like an adventure, and sliding quickly down to the bottom is a thrill time after time. If you’d like to see your child’s face light up while using a slide in your home playground, check out the options below.

8’ Roto Molded Wave Slide

To get started, we have a standard 8’ wave slide available in a number of different colors. The fun of a wave slide comes from the subtle bumps that the child navigates while sliding from top to bottom. This 8’ slide is perfect for a 4’ platform.

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10’ Roto Molded Wave Slide

The 10’ version of our wave slide is perfect for a 5’ platform. Kids will have another two feet of sliding fun to enjoy on this model, and you’ll appreciate the durability and stability that comes with all American Swing products. Choose the perfect color to complement the rest of your playground décor.

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ScinsR Scoop Slide Insert

If you would like to lengthen a slide, this insert is perfect for extending an existing slide to the desired length. You can add additional inserts if necessary to reach the perfect length for your deck height. Multiple color options mean you can create a fun, finished look that will appeal to your kids.

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Scoop Slide 10’

This 10’ scoop slide includes a top piece, a bottom piece, and two inserts. With a weight limit of 300 pounds, this is a hearty slide that is ready to offer years of fun on your home playground. Pick from several different bright colors to suit your needs, and be sure to install the slide properly in accordance with all directions.

Scoop Slide 10’

Scoop Slide Top and Bottom

With this scoop slide top and bottom set, you’ll have the foundation of a great slide that can stretch from just 60’’ all the way out to 200’’. Create the right length slide for your playground by ordering the appropriate number of ScinsR inserts. Your deck height will determine the number of inserts you can accommodate, so be sure to check the product specifications for more information.

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Slide Support

If you need to provide support to a ScoopR slide or slide with a ScinsR insert, consider this sturdy slide support. This support is suitable for use by children up to 12 years of age, and as is the case with all products, it needs to be installed properly to ensure safe use. Also, be sure to check the condition of the support periodically for any signs of damage.

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