Preschool Playground Equipment from American Swing

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Recess and outdoor play are crucial for child development. Preschool playgrounds provide an area for kids to explore, have fun, and interact with each other. When designing your playground, be sure to select high quality preschool playground equipment from a trusted provider. Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular items available from American Swing!

Swing Products

At American Swing, we offer a full range of swing parts and products that are both affordable and built to last. Explore our options that are perfect for the youngsters to enjoy at your preschool playground:

Infant High-Back Bucket Seat

Available in a wide selection of fun colors, these seats are fully enclosed and offer a high back to provide extra support. With smaller leg openings, these seats are best for children between 6-23 months old.

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Tot Full Bucket Roto-Molded Seat

These Polyethylene infant swing seats are another great option, featuring a durable hard plastic material. Choose from a variety of colors and enjoy a range of features to promote child safety and comfort while using the swing.

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Tot Full Bucket Rubber Seat with Insert

These enclosed bucket seats offer great protection for toddlers while enjoying the swing. Unlike other many other rubber swing products, our swings are made with EPDM rubber that does not rub off on children’s clothes. These swings will also hold up well in extreme temperatures for greater long-term value.

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Tot Half Bucket Swing Seat

These half bucket seats are another great option for preschool playgrounds. When purchasing, you can choose to include an optional safety chain for greater protection and safety. These swing seats are designed for children between 2-4 years old.

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Chains, Fasteners & More

Beyond our quality swing seats, we also have everything else you need to build or maintain your swing sets. Explore our Swing Parts Collection for a full range of products including swing frames, chains, fasteners, hangers, and more!

Spring Riders

Animal riders are every tike’s favorite playground equipment! Their imaginations can run wild as they rock back and forth on their very own airplane or animal. Here are just a few of the animal riders available at American Swing:

Roto-Molded Spring-Ride Airplane

Available in four fun colors, these roto-molded polyethylene airplanes allow children to pretend that they are taking flight! The seat can be adjusted depending on the children who will primarily be visiting your playground. For toddlers, we recommend that the seat be set between 12 – 16” high. For preschoolers, we recommend that the seat be set between 14 – 28” high.

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Spring Rider Car

Who needs a driver’s license to go on a joy ride? This fun car spring rider features linear low-density polyethylene designed to last up to 5 years in good conditions. The recyclable plastic is smooth, comfortable, and safe for kids.

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Spring Animal Panda

Kids love riding their favorite animals on the playground. This unique panda spring animal features a number of great safety features, like an enclosed rubber spring boot, footrests, and handles! And did we mention that it’s fun?!

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And More

Explore the rest of our site, or get in touch, to learn more about our full product offering. We hope you can find all of the preschool playground equipment you need!

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