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The Swring is a unique swing that has been found to be particularly beneficial for autistic children. Developed with the input of occupational therapists, the Swring provides a floating, circular motion that creates a sensation similar to riding on a gyroscope. This movement stimulates and supports vestibular development, which promotes balance, coordination, and ultimately calms and comforts the child with its rhythmic motion. In addition to its physical benefits, the Swring also promotes social development as children learn to share the swing with one another. The Swring works best with two or more children on board, as this makes it spin easier and function better. It is important to note that the Swring has been approved for no more than 500 pounds of weight.

**Installation, Safe Use and Maintenance Instructions**

IMPORTANT: Please read for important information. In this material we have tried to provide some requirements stated in the CPSC Handbooks, ASTM F2373-11, F1487-11 and F1148-09. However, we in no way intend for this to be a complete list of requirements. Also these publications are updated frequently with changes therefore, you should read these publications yourself to determine if any part or installation could prove a danger to a child.

To help keep children safe from harm, review installation and maintenance instructions before installing equipment. These are located in the description of every product on our website. Download and print these instructions and keep in a safe place. Our website also has a “Product Testing Information” page. All products are tested for lead, phthalates and tensile strength. You can also call us at 1-800-227-7529 for more information or see

Installation: Moving & Grovin Swring – Basket Swring – Climbing Swring – SwRing Swing                             

The Swring is classified as a swing capable of unlimited lateral motion, unlike regular to-fro swings which have a fixed use zone and move at a 90 degree angle from their supporting structures, the Swring travels in circles. The width or diameter of the circle is the length of the bearing, carbineer, rings and ropes combined, times two or 16 feet. The required use zone includes an additional 8 feet for a total of 24 feet.

No play component of the attached play structure or separate play structure shall be located in the use zone of a Swring.

Exception: Adjacent to-fro swings where the support structure of the Swring is designed to minimize the likelihood of the Swring intruding into the to-fro use zone. Exception: The support structure of the Swring. Exception: The use zone for Swrings that are attached to the underside of a platform may overlap the use zones of other play components placed on the perimeter of the supporting platform. The component may not be capable of striking a user on an adjacent play component. The use zone surrounding the support structure of the Swring shall extend no less than 72 inches in all directions from the support structure. The use zone of the supporting structure may overlap other use zones.

Place your Swring on level ground not less than 14 feet from any structure or obstruction such as a fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, laundry lines or electrical wires. It is important to know the “fall height” of all playground equipment. The maximum fall height of the Swring, based on the distance from the pivot point to the play surface is 8 feet. The Swring should never be installed over concrete, asphalt or any other hard surface. A fall onto a hard surface can result in serious injury to the equipment user. Grass and dirt are not considered protective surfacing because wear and environmental factors can reduce their shock absorbing effectiveness.

For your play surface start with a minimum of 12 inches of loose-fill materials such as wood mulch/chips, engineered wood fiber or shredded/recycled rubber mulch. Maintain a minimum of 9 inches once it is compressed, which will require periodically refilling the surface area. Proper placement and maintenance of protective surfacing is essential. For the SwRing this surface must be extended 6 feet beyond the radius of 8 feet in all directions requiring a circle of protection with a diameter of 24 feet. Do not allow any use of the Swring until it is properly installed.

INDOOR INSTALLATION:   PLEASE STOP! Please inspect your overhead location and be sure your indoor area is at least a 12 x 12 feet. Attach Swring to an approved load bearing overhead ceiling. The Swring can also be installed on a previously approved structure that has been used for similar apparatuses.

Safe Use: The following guidelines concerning the number of riders per SwRing session should be observed to minimize the chance of accidents from overcrowding. Four small pre-school age children up to 100 pounds – Three elementary age children up to 125 pounds – Two junior high age children up to 160 pounds. This is for children 5 – 12 years old only. Adults should supervise children at all times. Do not allow children to use unsafely. Do not allow it to be used if damaged or wet.

Maintenance: At beginning and end of each play season and once a month during play season, check for cracking and/or splinters on rungs, sharp edges and/or frayed rope. Make sure that rope is still taut and cannot pose an entrapment. Check for vandalism. Replace parts as necessary.

Any damage from vandalism, abuse or misuse VOIDS all warranties.

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