Common Playground Equipment Names & Terms

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When you take on a playground construction or renovation project, you will have plenty of equipment options to consider. In fact, the sheer volume of options can be quite overwhelming at first. To make sure you are prepared to make the right decisions for your playground, it may help to educate yourself on some of the common playground equipment names and terms that are frequently seen in this field. Please review the list below—we hope it helps!


Infant & Toddler Playground Equipment

The slides are one of the first places many children will run when turned loose on a playground. There are a variety of slides available, including spiral slides, tunnel slides, and more.

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Infant & Toddler Playground Equipment

Along with slides, swings are another contender for the most popular piece of equipment on many playgrounds. Swings generally consist of a seat which is attached to a frame overhead by a chain or rope. With a sturdy frame and strong seats, children can swing back and forth all day long.

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Spring Rider

Infant & Toddler Playground Equipment

You may not have heard the name for this piece of equipment previously, but you have almost certainly seen one in action. A spring rider uses a strong spring to support of seat of some kind, often in the shape of an animal like a horse. Once a child takes a seat on the piece of equipment, it will rock back and forth, requiring them to hang on tight. These types of toys tend to be quite popular with younger children, who may need to enjoy them with some assistance from a parent.

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This is a piece of equipment that can take on many forms, but the basic idea remains the same. The merry-go-round will usually allow several children to play together, spinning around in circles as they smile and laugh.


Infant & Toddler Playground Equipment

The category of “climber” playground equipment can take on many different forms. One piece of equipment that is considered a climber might not look much like another. As the name would indicate, this is anything that is meant to be climbed by children. It could be a set of monkey bars, or it could be a ladder or wall that has handles to climb. Here are some great examples:


If you are looking for something that will be able to appeal to young children specifically, adding tubes to your playground is an option to consider. Typically, these are put in place at ground level so small kids can crawl through them from one end to the other. Going through the tube will be a fun adventure for a little one, all without having to leave the ground.


Infant & Toddler Playground Equipment

This is another classic piece of playground equipment. The idea couldn’t be simpler. It is one long piece of material (wood, plastic, etc.) that is mounted on a pivot point in the middle. When one child sits on each end of the see-saw, they can bounce up and down, pushing off the ground with their feet to change the balance of the equation.


This one is pretty much self-explanatory. Playgrounds often feature nets that can be used for climbing or other kinds of play. These are appealing because of their relatively low cost and the fact that kids tend to get great enjoyment out of challenging themselves on the nets.


Infant & Toddler Playground Equipment

Not everything on the playground has to involve swinging, sliding, or climbing (although those are a lot of fun). The inclusion of pieces that make sounds or change perspective can help kids interact with the play space in a different way. Those who might not be as excited by the physical elements of play can enjoy being creative when sound pieces are included. Here are some great examples:

Zip Lines

As opposed to swings and slides, this is not necessarily a piece of equipment that you would associate with being ‘classic’ playground gear. With that said, zip lines are gaining in popularity and can make for a great focal point on a playground. If the space is available to add a zip line, it’s almost certain to become one of the favorite attractions for kids from all around the area.

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Infant & Toddler Playground Equipment