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Building a swing in your back yard for your kids to enjoy is a great way to get value out of that space. Of course, to build a safe and enjoyable swing, you will need the right parts. At American Swing, we offer all the essential parts to construct a swing set that can bring joy to your family for years to come. Let’s take a look at some of the key back yard swing parts available on our site.

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Tot Full Bucket Polymer Seat

If you have small children, a traditional strap seat on the swing is not going to do the job. Small kids will need to use a tot bucket seat to keep them safe and secure while they swing back and forth. Our Tot Full Bucket Polymer Seat is offered in five fun colors and is manufactured to a high standard of quality.

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Strap Seat Rubber

This is the natural progression from the tot seats we highlighted above. As your kids get older, they are sure to grow out of those tot seats, so you will want to transition your back yard swing set to a strap-style seat. Ours are made from EPDM rubber which will help resist the cracking and oxidizing that sometimes plague other strap seats. Five bright colors are offered here as well, and each strap seat can be expected to last for at least a couple of years, if not longer.

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ADA Swing

For a child with a disability, it’s important to provide an appropriate swing seat so he or she can have a great time while staying safe. We are proud to offer a quality ADA swing seat that meets all relevant standards for this kind of product. Among the many important features included in the design are a large footrest, wide sides, and added support. For extra support, a removable harness is also available. Choose from one of five colors to complement the look of your swing set perfectly.

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Strap Seat Polymer Overseas

For those trying to create a back yard swing on a tight budget, this strap seat is a great choice. You’ll save money as compared to other swing seat options, yet you’ll still get a durable product that comes in four different color options.

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Nylon Bushing Swing Hanger

For a residential swing set that isn’t going to receive the heavy use commonly seen on a public playground, you can opt for light-use swing hangers such as this 6’’ x 3/8’’ model. This product is galvanized to help resist the development of rust, and it offers a robust tensile strength of 780 pounds.

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At American Swing, nothing is more important to us than the quality of our products. We aim to serve each of our customers with great playground equipment at a competitive price. Consider purchasing some of these back yard swing parts to build a swing your child will love, and contact us today for more information on any of our products!

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