EVA Belt Swing Seat





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The first thing to know about these swing seats is that they are strong and can handle anything a backyard or a park can throw at it.  With a stainless steel insert inside the swing seat, it is vandal resistant, as well as very structurally sound.  The triangles at the ends of the swing seat are welded to further improve strength of the seat overall.


Secondly, in addition to being very structurally strong, the seat is made out of a mixture of EDPM rubber and EVA polymer.  This type of rubber in particular is very soft to the touch, while being resistant to color fading, and also being weather resistant as well.


Lastly, if you are looking for a comfortable and strong swing seat.  Look no further: the A1035 is your dream swing seat.  Pair one of these with the A2925W here, to create a backyard playset that will last for years to come!




The A1035 Rubber Belt Seat comes in 6 different colors: Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, and Black.

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