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The best playgrounds do a great job of bringing everyone in the neighborhood together. Kids are able to form friendships as they climb, slide, swing and more, while adults chat with each other and keep an eye on the little ones. In order for a playground to succeed in the mission of bringing people together, it needs to be accessible for those with special needs. Including accessible equipment in your playground design is a crucial part of building a playground that will be loved for years to come. Learn more about special needs playground equipment, and explore the ADA accessible options from American Swing today!

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Have It All

Building a handicap-accessible playground does not mean that other parts of the design have to be sacrificed. With careful planning and thoughtful design, it is possible to create a playground that meets everyone’s needs successfully. Children with no physical limitations will be able to enjoy all kinds of exciting pieces of equipment to test their limits. At the same time, those with special needs will also find opportunities to enjoy the playground and make friends.

Teach A Great Lesson

The lesson of inclusion is one that is great for children to learn at a young age. An individual with special needs should not be left out of the fun when visiting a playground, so they should be included through the use of equipment that suits their needs. You won’t necessarily need to point out that lesson to the children using the playground, but they will see it in action. They will see that a child with special needs is able to participate, and that will become the norm from their perspective.

In addition to teaching children that everyone should be included, including special needs playground equipment also provides an opportunity for cooperation and growth. Children without physical disabilities may wind up helping a child with special needs move around the playground or assist in some other way. Again, the lesson is taught through action, rather than words. In the end, the accessible equipment may wind up doing just as much for those without disabilities as it does for those who have special needs.

Another Generation

It is important to remember that most of the children who visit a playground will be accompanied by a parent or grandparent. If the child’s guardian has a disability which makes accessing a traditional playground difficult, the child may not be able to enjoy the experience fully. Therefore, a playground designed with accessibility in mind can also help by accommodating any adults who has mobility limitations. The adult will be able to access the playground more easily in this scenario and the child will be able to have fun visit after visit.

American Swing Can Help

Thank you for taking the time to visit American Swing. We take great pride in offering ADA accessible swings to help you create a play area that is welcoming to all children. These swings, along with everything else we produce, can be expected to stand the test of time and provide you with excellent value for your money. We hope to receive your order today!

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